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Unlimited missions, unlimited features and monthly subscription.

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Price per manager

  • Missions a month
  • Agents
    Managers invite users (agents) to koin missions
  • Features


  • 1 Active mission
    Unlimited missions with unique agents every month
  • 12 free agents
    Monthly unique users that accept a mission
  • Limited features
    Not all features are availeble but perfect for small teams and for free testing


  • Unlimited missions
    Unlimited missions with unique agents every month
  • Pay per agent (volume pricing)
    €5 - €1 per users based on volume
  • Some limited features
    All the nessesarry features to start great missions, templates, etc.


  • Unlimited missions
    Unlimited missions with unique agents every month
  • Pay per agent (volume pricing)
    €5 - €1 per users based on volume
  • All features
    No features are left behind for you


  • Unlimited missions
    Unlimited missions with unique agents every month
  • Unlimited agents
    Monthly unique users that accept a mission
  • Extra features
    All features = Extra features that are typical needed for enterprise customers.

Starting is simple. Just start your Forever Free account (no credit card needed) and upgrade later.
Build and run your first mission. Ready for the real work? Just upgrade!

Accept Mission’s features

  • Missions a month
  • Mission managers
  • Support type
  • Standard support
  • Priority support
  • Success manager
  • Use templates
  • Custom templates
  • Mission managers
  • Undercover
  • Export results
  • Idea generation
  • Score ideas
  • Mobile app
    iPhone app and Android app
  • Management dashboard
  • Advanced selection (jury)
    Invite a jury to do a advanged selection/evaluation of the top x concepts
  • Personal invites
    Add agents to join the mission manually or via import feature. All agents receive automatically an mail and in app invitation to join the mission.
  • Open invites
    Invite agents based on an url so people can accept the mission. Via this feature you do not have to add the agents first.
  • Reminders
  • Basic report (Excel)
  • Advanced report (Excel)
  • Custom reports
  • SSL
  • Single Sign On (SSO)


  • Unlimited
  • 1


  • Unlimited
  • 3


  • Unlimited
  • 5


  • Unlimited
  • 10


Which forms of payment do you accept?2018-03-19T19:49:16+00:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.
Purchase Orders available for contracts greater than €5,000.

Can we subscribe annually?2018-03-19T19:48:47+00:00

Yes, our annual plans are available for our team subscription level. You get two months free and a known fixed cost making it easier to budget.


Can I upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time?2018-03-19T19:48:08+00:00

Yes. you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel a plan at any time. Your new pricing will be effective your next billing cycle.


Do I have to sign a long term contract?2018-03-19T19:47:41+00:00

No. Accept Mission is a month-to-month service. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime.


How are the number of users calculated?2018-03-19T19:47:03+00:00

At the end of your billing cycle, the number of users is the total enabled users on your account during a billing cycle. You can disable users that are not involved in any mission. Users that log into their accounts or are in an open mission during a billing cycle are automatically re-enabled.


Do you have pricing for educators?2018-03-19T19:46:14+00:00

Yes, please contact us!


Do I have to supply my credit card for the 30 day free trial?2018-03-19T19:45:32+00:00

Yes, a credit card is required for all paid subscriptions. All monthly subscriptions come with a 30 day trial. Before your trial expires, you’ll be sent an email notifying you that your paid subscription will begin soon.


Do I have to supply my credit card for the personal account?2018-03-19T19:44:54+00:00

No. Signing up for the personal account is completely free and doesn’t require a credit card.


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