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Our price model is based on monthly active users


FREE forever
  • Track Innovation Projects
  • 1 idea inbox


5 /user/month
  • Track Innovation Projects
  • 3 idea inboxes
  • 3 active Ideation misions


8 /user/month
  • Track Innovation Projects
  • 10 Idea inboxes
  • 10 active Ideation missions
  • 10 active Selection mission


  • Track Innovation Projects
  • Unlim. Idea inboxes
  • Unlim. ideation missions
  • Unlim. Selection missions
  • Enterprise features

Hi, let us know what your situation is and what you want to achieve. our experts will help you out and advise you in any case. We do understant that not all options are completely known, so what do you think of an short and sweet demonstration?

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  • Overall dashboard and stats
  • Undercover users
  • Mission builder
  • Targeted challenges
    Target only a small group of people no one else can join.
  • Open missions (challenges)
    Everyone with a link or unique code can accept the mission
  • Gamification features
  • Reminders
  • Accept Mission templates
    More than 30 templates out of the box
  • Create custom templates
    Create and manage templates and improve your way of working.
  • Dashboard and statistics
  • User score ideas
    Users can score ideas. A smart process is taking care all ideas get scored by the users.
  • Export report
  • Dashboard and statistics
    Overview of the results and progress of the inboxes
  • Targeted Inbox (private)
    Only selected users can participate for this inbox.
  • Open Inbox
    This Inbox missions are open for every user within the organisation.
  • Collaboration
    Collaborarion between users and managers of the inboxes to improve ideas and to transform them into valuable innovation projects
  • Custom variables
    The variables to score / validate ideas / concepts to
  • Dashboard and stats
  • Export report
  • Overview of all innovation projects
  • Roadmap (timeline) of all innovation projects
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Online support
  • Online training
  • Support type
  • Standard support
  • Priority support
  • Success manager
  • Desktop: Chrome, IE, Safari
  • Mobile app
    iPhone app and Android app
  • Basic report (Excel)
  • Advanced report (Excel)
  • SSL
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Custom subdomain


  • Limited to 1 active ideation mission
  • Limited in elements you can use
  • Limited to 1 active inbox
  • Limited to 1 active selection mission



Training and implementation

For the best results our experts train users. The tool is easy to use but configuring the platform and set up a roadmap for success always better to use our expernecies. Contact us if you want to kickstart your innovation success. We will advise you what implementation package is right for you.

Pricing FAQ’s

Can you advise / help implementing idea management in my organization?2019-08-05T20:25:54+01:00

Yes, we can. Our consultants help organizations to be more successful and speed up the implementation process continuously. Contact us for more information about:

  • Training Accept Mission
  • Training Idea Management
  • Implementing Idea management in the organization
  • Idea Management Strategy Sprint
  • Innovation Strategy Sprint
  • Big challenge Program / Event

Implementation services or training is not necessary but you will be up to speed faster and will build a way of working based on experiences. Contact us for more information

Can you share a sample calculation for the costs per month?2019-09-23T15:25:04+01:00

Of course! This calculation is only linked to the Professional Plan. The free plan is limited to the amount of users and you will never pay for it.

Example: This month you are doing two ideation missions, for now we call then ‘Mission A’ and ‘Mission B’. For ‘Mission A’ you invite 50 users and for ‘Mission B’ you invite 200 users. In these Missions, only 50% of the invited users accept the Mission. So, in total there are 125 users active. This means that you will pay for 125 users 5 euro = 625 that month. Next month you are doing 1 mission with 100 users. 80 users accept the mission and you will pay 80 * 5 = 400 euro the second month. A month later you don’t do missions. In that case, you will only pay 25 euro for 5 users. You will always pay this as a minimum.
That was easy right? Please contact us if you have any questions.

Which forms of payment do you accept?2019-01-02T12:18:55+01:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.
Purchase Orders are available for contracts greater than €5,000.

Can I subscribe annually?2019-01-02T12:20:00+01:00

Yes, our annual plans are available for our team subscription level. You’ll get two months free and a guaranteed fixed cost, making it easier for you to fit this into your budget.


Can I upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time?2019-09-23T15:26:52+01:00

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time. Your new plan will be automatically adjusted. When downgrading you will lose functionality. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?2019-09-23T15:27:41+01:00

No, Accept Mission is a month-to-month service. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel hassle-free at any time.

How is the number of active users calculated?2019-09-23T15:33:26+01:00

In the professional subscription plan the costs are calculated based on active users. We believe that the honest and best way of paying for the Accept Mission platform should be based on actual usage. So, you DON’T pay per user but you DO pay per active user. An active user is a user who logged into the platform for your company. After each month we check the number of active users and charge those. This is as fair and honest as it could be.

Do you have pricing for educators?2019-01-02T12:23:30+01:00

Yes, please contact us for more information!

Do I have to supply my credit card for the personal account?2019-09-23T15:34:30+01:00

No, signing up for the personal account is completely free and doesn’t require a credit card.