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Passion for Innovation


‘Creative Koppen has a clear knowledge and experience on innovation management, they provide a complete toolbox to improve idea and innovation management on organizations, including a great software platform to support Idea Management processes such as Accept Mission.’

F. Lamelas, Founder, InnovandoHoy

“Never waste a good idea”. On how to get there:  Steven gives you a piece of the puzzle, or maybe more. The webinar was easy accessible and very creative. Nice!

M. Van Geest, Organizations advisor, Eprom

‘Inspiring insights from an experienced practitioner! The speaker is very knowledgeable and able to provide examples from his practice. He encouraged questions from the audience.’

M. Van Nieuwenhuijzen, Continuous improvement specialist, Heineken
Steven Kop

We believe that innovation is vital for every organisation to grow. Innovation is all about: engaged people, collect ideas, smart selection and commercialize ideas. We love to facilitate the innovation engine.
Steven Kop, Founder and CEO

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