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Success Stories

Accept Mission is a complete innovation software. With our simple-to-use script builder, every user can design his/her script for a game or mission. Every day, our customers find new uses for Accept Mission. On this page, we list the most common use cases of Accept Mission. Here are some examples of how Accept Mission can help your organization excel.

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Idea Generation – Gather ideas in a quick, engaging and easy way

Concept Development – Start developing ideas into implementable concepts

Research – Gather information about specific subjects

Onboarding – The onboarding of new people in your organization

Training – Train your employees or customers

➜ Idea Generation

Brainstorming is a well-known technique to gather the best ideas from a group of people. Use Accept Mission to collect ideas in a quick, engaging and easy way.


The downside of a traditional brainstorm is that it’s hard to get the right people at the right time in the same room. Traditionally it costs a lot of time and money to organize sessions like this.


Use Accept Mission to organize brainstorms independent of time, place and role within your company. Build your script (or one of our many templates), invite a large group of agents, sit back and wait until the results are gathered. Within just a short time a clear report will be generated. Use the best ideas to create amazing concepts.


  • New name

  • New product

  • New service

  • Value Proposition

  • BHAG development

  • And more…

Build an idea generation mission

➜ Concept Development

So you have a great idea…for example you have a million-dollar idea for a new product that will disrupt the market. You aim to develop this idea into a viable concept.


Traditionally you’d need to generate smart ideas from experts to develop your idea or talk to customers to validate your idea. It takes too much time to see them all. There must be an effective- and inspiring way to do this, right?


With Accept Mission you can build a mission (based on one of our many templates) to identify the things you need ideas about, to further develop or to validate ideas. You only have to sit back and see how all the input will drop into your lap. Analyze the results and dive deeper with direct communication within your project team.


  • Validate an idea mission

  • Ask the experts

  • How to market this solution

  • Build a value proposition

  • And many more…

Build a concept development mission

➜ Research

A standard survey or interview are both excellent ways to collect insights from your employees or customers. What if you can invite many people simultaneously who can go undercover and help you with unique insights into your organization and/or domain so that you can achieve even better performance based on these insights?


Okay, so how do you organize all of this? We’re thankful to the kind people who are willing to give us their time to help us out with our research, but a face-to-face session will cost both of you a lot of time and effort. There must be a better way to do this without sending them a boring survey.


Build a script with questions. We call them objectives. When people are invited they’ll go undercover and work together to help the organization with valid insights. You can work on objectives individually or in a group. This way you’ll always get the best results. The question type: will it be a brainstorm type or a survey question? It’s so much more interesting to work together and to inspire each other to get the best results. No survey can do that!


  • SWOT

  • Start / Keep / Stop

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Strategy

  • And more…

Build a research mission

➜ Onboarding

Onboarding employees to a new organization is an essential part of the first days of a new employee. The better the onboarding system in place, the faster the new colleague will find the right information and the faster he or she will find the right people within the organization and the faster that person can be productive.


Do you still organize an introduction with only people or do you send a document? The problem is that it is not that interesting to join, and you cannot follow the progress of the person. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a game available to support this?


You build a script for onboarding new employees. All new employees start the mission at the same time and will receive a piece of new information every day and are questioned on what they’ve learnt to really get to know the organization in an interactive and exciting manner without being overwhelmed. Whether you’d prefer this to be in undercover mode or if you want it to be with real names and photos, both are possible and easy to configure in Mission Accept.


  • Onboarding mission

  • Onboarding challenge

  • And more…

Build an onboarding mission

➜ Training

We want to teach our employees or our customers new things. For example: the process how we innovate or how we manage our projects, maybe even a paid skill development training for better communication.


Standard training costs a lot of time and is not always the most effective way of learning a new set of skills.


Every day or every week you receive a bit of information, so you’ll acquire new skills. In combination with the new information you’ll receive an objective to develop this new skill in practice. All participants of the training will see the results of the objective. This is of course an option. You can do the training individually or by working together and learn from each other’s insights and input.


  • Communication

  • Software

  • Soft skills

  • Hard skills

  • Onboarding

Build a mission for training
Rault Harmeling
Rault HarmelingStrategy & Innovation Director, CGI
“With Accept Mission Creatieve Koppen created a powerful tool that enabled our global business team joining from all across the globe to create many good ideas and feedback in a very short timeframe. The concept of a live mission with gamification elements created a brainstorm setting that removed all the downsides of a traditional brainstorm. We definitely see many possibilities to use Accept Mission!”
Albert van der Meulen
Albert van der MeulenManaging Director, Facet
“Accept Mission is a great tool. It took me only 20 minutes a day during 5 days to add and review ideas of a large and broad group throughout our organization. That every participant used an avatar was of great value. Being anonymous helps to collect a maximum of diverse ideas. Nothing is taboo or too wild. There are no restrictions in expressing yourself. Besides the great output, it is also much fun!”
Eline van der Ende
Eline van der EndeAccountmanager, Facet
“Compared to a meeting, Accept Mission motivates you to take more time to think about your ideas. Since it’s anonymous, you don’t feel any restriction anymore to suggest whatever ideas come to mind. In a live meeting, you might have hesitated to even mention them. We also invited people from outside our organization, which gave us a different perspective on things. Furthermore, I liked the game and competition elements in Accept Mission. Trying to figure out who is behind the characters keeps the mission alive and playful, which motivates people to continue.”
Nathalie de Haas-van Heijningen
Nathalie de Haas-van HeijningenArbodienst, CEO
“What I liked most, is being able to vent your ideas anonymously. This also enables the whole organization to be inspired by others. This totally different way of brainstorming, including the opportunity to add photos and videos and the ability to respond to others, is the real deal.”

Accept Mission is a new and innovative way of undercover brainstorming for large- and small groups, time- and place independent. This serious game boosts ways in producing ideas and concepts for improving strategy within your company. There are many ways in which Accept Mission could benefit the organisation – in any step of the thinking- or production process.

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