14 02, 2019

What is innovation?

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What comes to mind when you think about innovation? Is it that new groundbreaking product or service? Is it that new idea that will change the world, something like when Apple launched its first iPhone or even longer ago when the first computer was developed? Is it that new fully autonomous vehicle or that new [...]

21 01, 2019

Improved navigation and look & feel

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Accept Mission is a platform with many great tools. Ideation missions are one of the most used tools. It gives you the ability to generate ideas, input, problems to feed and boost your innovation success. Because of the gamification elements people get motivated and inspired to participate and share their ideas.  Currently, we are building some [...]

20 10, 2018

Accept Mission selected by TNW and Deloitte

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The Next Web and Deloitte did select Accept Mission as one of the Innovation Platforms out of many suppliers. Deloitte was searching for a tool to help innovate easier. Based on a wide range of criteria Accept MIssion is selected to present the solution in UK Londen to the Innovation team of Deloitte Londen.

1 12, 2016

Accept Mission is live for our Launching customers

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10 Launching customers are using the Accept Mission application with multiple missions. The are generation a lot of ideas and we are generation a lot of feedback that we can directly adjust to improve the application. This proces will never stop but these results are so important for us.  Thank you all for choosing Accept Mission!