8 06, 2020

10 Ways to Engage Customers with Innovation

By |2020-06-08T21:32:55+01:00June 8th, 2020|Idea management, Ideation, Inbox, Innovation management, Uncategorized|

One-third of innovating businesses say that customers are their most innovative partners. The customer is the king who defines and drives innovation. The company may set out its brand promise, but it is the customer who decides if the company delivered on its promise. According to the PWC, 54% of companies say customer engagement [...]

5 06, 2020

New: Group your ideas with categories

By |2020-06-08T09:05:28+01:00June 5th, 2020|Brainstorm, Categorize, Ideation|

Maximize brainstorm output by categorizing ideas Our Accept Mission development team improved the Ideation brainstorm tool by adding a new option to group ideas based on categories. This means that brainstorm managers can capture more information per brainstorm round by adding categories ( less brainstorm rounds = time saving ).  This option allows users [...]

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