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Steven Kop

We believe that innovation is vital for every organisation to grow. Innovation is all about: engaged people, collect ideas, smart selection and commercialize ideas. We love to facilitate the innovation engine.
Steven Kop, Founder and CEO

Passion for Innovation

Original we are founded in The Netherlands in 2010. As a Dutch Innovation agengy we offert consultany servives to develop organisations to maximize innovation succes. Actually we still are doing that. From 2018 we transfromed our company to an product conpany and we now delivering SaaS platform to the same type of cusitmers to maximize there innovation succes.

We love to help organisations to build their efficient and result driven innovation engine. Engage people and collecting and transforming ideas into value innovation projects and develing successful results that grows companies. We believe innovation is a strucured process to develop ideas into business value continiously. Stracture will results in more creativity, better decision making and highe business value. Interested in our vision and methods? Please contact us anytime. Innovation is our passion.



Head office: Van Nelle Factory

We work in the unique and of of the most impressive buildings in Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Van Nelle Factory. The Van Nelle Factory is a Dutch national monument and since 2014 has the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. For us this factory represents innovation in working and in combination with taking care of employees in an social work environment. In the old days one of the products of this factory was thee and coffee. Feel free to visit us and taste innovation and get energized.

Van Nelle Factory - Accept Mission

WE SUPPORT: SDG4 Quality of Education

We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are seventeen goals to make the world a better place in 2030 and are there for and by everyone. Through our platform and consultancy services we contribute to SDG4: Quality of Education. Let us kno if you want to know more.

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