Easily harvest input with serious innovation games

Accept Mission is a brainstorm tool which uses gamification. Harvest input from different groups. Users generate ideas undercover and earn points for the (best) ideas. It’s perfect for small to very large groups and offers easy collaboration, time, place and function independent.

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Start building missions with your forever free plan today. Use template and start within 1 min a fresh new mission to harvest brilliant ideas right away!

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Innovate your idea generation process

Invite your coworkers, clients or partners to help you complete a mission. No matter what your goal is: generation ideas for new product, building a SWOT, doing a project review, or train employees. Accept Mission is a game engine and delivers exactly what you need! Start right away with many business templates!

Every user in Accept Mission operates undercover. Any rank within a company is allowed to share any idea they want. Just select anyone you would like to add and have a succesful mission with loads of ideas generated.

All agents will collaborate time and place independent. Every hour, day or every week they receive an objective to complete. Agents can easily generate a lot of ideas in a short period of time.

Mission finished? Alright, now you can export the report directly in excel! You can simply build your report and select the best input and proceed to the next phase of your project.

There is a clock ticking and you always know what your score or experience rate is for each mission. In all objectives or missions everyone gets an update on what the score is of his or her team or as an individual agent. The best ideas will automatically be listed at the top of the scoreboard.

It’s our mission to boost your innovation

Until now, managing innovation has been a tedious, painful chore. But Accept Mission changes all that. Accept Mission is a serious innovation game. We’re revolutionising the entire innovation process, from creation to close and everything between. It’s online innovation software that gives your organisation the innovation succes they need.

Best-practise examples Accept Mission

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We are proud to work with our customers to make them successful

“Accept Mission is a great tool. It took me only 20 minutes a day during 5 days to add and review ideas of a large and broad group throughout our organisation. That every participant used an avatar was of great value. Being anonymous helps to collect a maximum of diverse ideas. Nothing is taboo or too wild. There are no restrictions in expressing yourself. Besides the great output, it is also much fun!”

Albert van der Meulen (Managing Director), Facilicom

“With Accept Mission Creatieve Koppen created a powerful tool that enabled our global business team joining from all across the globe to create many good ideas and feedback in a very short timeframe. The concept of a live mission with gamification elements created a brainstorm setting that removed all the downsides of a traditional brainstorm. We definitely see many possibilities to use Accept Mission!”

Rault Harmeling (Strategy & Innovation Director), CGI

“Compared to a meeting, Accept Mission motivates you to take more time to think about your ideas. Since it’s anonymous, you don’t feel any restriction anymore to suggest whatever ideas come to mind. In a live meeting, you might have hesitated to even mention them. We also invited people from outside our organisation, which gave us a different perspective on things. Furthermore, I liked the game and competition elements in Accept Mission. Trying to figure out who is behind the characters keeps the mission alive and playful, which motivates people to continue.”

Eline van der Ende (manager), FACET

“What I liked most, is being able to vent your ideas anonymously. This also enables the whole organization to be inspired by others. This totally different way of brainstorming, including the opportunity to add photos and videos and the ability to respond to others, is the real deal.”

Nathalie de Haas-van Heijningen (CEO), De Arbodienst

Preview of this beautiful designed and simple to use application

Accept Mission is a serious innovation game. It’s perfect for small to very large groups and let’s people collaborate time and place independent. People join missions undercover and score experience points.

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